Getting a Colonoscopy? Having a Tooth Extracted?

You may have already had a colonoscopy, a tooth extraction or elective surgery and received paperwork about the “prep,” liquid diets, when to stop eating and to avoid aspirin.

But should you also stop taking any or all of the nutritional supplements too?

The answer may be “yes!”

Any procedure that might involve bleeding (such a snipping a polp for biopsy during a colonoscopy or having a tooth extracted or a procedure to clear up your sinuses or other elective surgery) means that your blood will need to clot in order for you to heal.

Most sheets from your doctor or clinic will tell you to avoid aspirin, but you should also stop taking fish oil, CoQ10 and vitamin E supplements too at least one week before these procedures. Why? These supplements are natural blood “thinners.” And your blood needs to clot in an expected amount of time after any type of surgical procedure so your body can heal properly .

Questions about medications to take or avoid?

That is outside my scope of practice in nutrition – ask your doctor, nurse practitioner and pharmacists about those!