Okay! You really love those nutrition labels found on your favorite foods? Right?

Confused about what to look for?

Let’s keep it simple! You really need to look at 3 pieces of information on the food label – protein, fiber and sugars?

You are already looking at the calories, saturated fats and carbs. Why look at the protein, fiber and sugars too?

If you focus on carbohydrates alone, you will most likely avoid healthy foods like beans. Not green beans! Beans such as pinto, red beans, black beans, garbanzos (or chickpeas), kidney, and also legumes such as lentils. These foods are power houses of nutrition: loaded with protein, fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. When you look at the label, you will see that both the protein and fiber content of beans is really high while the sugars are low (unless sugar has been added to keep the beans firm). Yes, the carbohydrates may be a little high but the proteins, fiber, and good fats naturally in the beans will slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates and have less impact on raising your blood sugar levels. Focus on the colorful beans and less on the starchy, whiter beans. You will also notice that baked beans are super high in both carbohydrates and sugars. How much should you eat every day? Aim for 1/2 cup beans or lentils. Hummus and black bean dip also count. Concerned about gas and bloating? Add a little fresh lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar to the beans when heating up. Enjoy!