Fertility & Preconception

Essentials for Women:

  • Certain diet-related nutritional deficiencies can affect ovulation and the ability to conceive.
  • Some foods can contribute to inflammation and infertility. You may need a customized Low Inflammation Diet.
  • Exercising too much or being too inactive can both affect your ability to conceive.
  • Most lubricants should be avoided when you are trying to get pregnant. Beve can help with brands that promote fertility.
  • Both a high-quality prenatal supplement AND high DHA “omega-3″ supplement are needed immediately. Beve can help with specific brands that are safe and concentrated so you need fewer daily doses.
  • Avoiding iron deficiency anemia before pregnancy is recommended. Screening tests for anemia may not show your real iron status. Contact Beve for more information on nutrition labs and how to get a request: 206-920-7676 or wellness@seattlenutrition.com

What Men Should Know About Fertility:

  • Deficiencies of either vitamin C or zinc affects sperm counts and sperm motility.
  • Small changes in diet have significant impacts on fertility and decreasing inflammation in men.
  • Men often need high-quality nutrition supplements to boost fertility.


  • Beve can help with food ingredients to limit or avoid; high-quality nutritional supplements to include for both women and men; and the best foods and beverages to include!
  • Your doctor may recommend a special diet while you are receiving fertility treatments. Beve can make these diet changes easy for you!


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