Ages of Reflection & Wisdom

It is predicted that in forty years a person who is 80-years-old will feel like a 40-year-old feels today. Advances in medical technology and research are leading the way.

Why wait? Nutrition interventions can help you feel better in days not years:

  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis can be prevented. If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia, you need a 24-hour urine calcium test to determine how much calcium you really need or if your kidneys are trying to get rid of calcium.
  • Regaining youthful vitality and energy can be achieved with nutrition info and simple diet changes.
  • Whole, “real” foods can be anti-aging and restorative.
  • Feeling tired is not “normal” at any age. You may have nutritional deficiencies slowing you down. Iron deficiency, folate deficiency and low Vitamin B12 levels can impact energy; sleep; focus and memory.
  • Enhance your digestion and absorption of nutrients at any age. Feel the difference immediately!
  • You may need specific nutrition labs ordered and evaluated. Beve can send you back to your doctor, PA, or nurse practitioner with a request for specific nutrition labs to be ordered. She can discuss the results with you; determine optimal “reference ranges” and get you back on track.
  • You may need referrals and additional testing if issues beyond nutrition and diet appear to be involved. Beve works closely with your healthcare team and also knows medical specialists.
  • You may need specific nutrition supplements for a period of time to recover your health. Save time and $$$ by scheduling a nutrition consultation with Beverly at 206-920-7676 or

Make an appointment today to get started on a new journey with the help of your Seattle Nutritionist, Beve Kindblade.

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