Beve Kindblade, Seattle Nutritionist
Let food be your medicine. Many common health conditions are brought on through poor diet. Proper nutrition, designed for your individual needs, can be the key to your overall wellness. If you know which foods are right for your body, you can keep your immune system strong and avoid the foods that may bring your energy down. Beve can help you get your nutrition on track. Give her a call today.

Kevin's Success Story

Beverly (Beve) Kindblade, MS, RD, CD is the owner of SEATTLE NUTRITION and has practiced holistic health and wellness with medical nutrition therapy for more than 20 years. Experience the difference of combining the best of Nutritional Sciences with Traditional Medicine in a natural healthcare setting.

“My goal as a Healthcare Provider and Nutritionist in Private Practice is to inspire and empower clients to achieve and maintain an improved quality of life!”

Want to know how many calories you burn every day in only 10 minutes?


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