Toddlers & Children

This time of growth and change can be challenging for parents, family members, friends, and caregivers!

  • Are you the parent of a “picky eater” and struggling to find foods and beverages that your child enjoys?
  • Does your child have special dietary needs? Food allergies or sensitivities?
  • Children adjust their food intake just before and after growth spurts.

Beve can provide helpful advice and support to keep mealtimes and snacks happy and enjoyable.

Your child is a unique individual with their own perceptions, tastes, and thoughts about foods and textures.

  • Does your child only eat a few foods while your friends’ kids are eating sushi or curries?

Beve can help you understand your child and how to help them become a more adventurous eater!

  • Food avoidance can mean your child “knows” the speicific foods causing tummy aches.

Beve can help you and your child sort out what is going on.

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