Pre-Teens & Adolescents

The Pre-Teen & Teen years can be challenging.  Influences are coming from all directions. This is the time when teens are also consuming more meals away from home.

    • Teens? Are you sleeping your life away on weekends? Fatigue and low energy are not normal at any age!
    • Pre-teen and teen athletes – stay well-fed and nourished. Metabolic testing accurately calculates your calorie needs at rest and with exercise in as little as 10 minutes. Get tested today with the Korr REEvue available at Seattle Nutrition.
    • Early identification of common nutritional deficiencies through nutrition lab evaluations.
    • Iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and low vitamin D levels are common in teens. Get tested! Get treated!
    • Getting to know your body, with a deeper understanding of weight – optimal weight, weight loss and weight gain.
    • Nourishing your skin from the inside out and addressing acne and other skin issues.
    • Vegetarian and vegan diets – relax, you can eat enough protein!
    • Choosing healthy & delicious beverages and snacks.
    • Making better food choices for away-from-home meals.
    • Need to learn how to cook? Beve has great resources for local classes and online podcasts to make it easier.
    • Leaving for college? Or leaving for Study Abroad? Will you be eating in the cafeteria? Sharing meals with peers or a host family? Beve can help you make better meal and snack choices wherever you are living!

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