Health Insurance & COVID-19


Most health insurance plans now include paid visits with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD or RDN) without co-pays or co-insurance. You may have 10 visits up to 24 visits per year or unlimited visits covered.

Beverly (Beve) Kindblade MS, RDN, CD accepts the following health insurance plans and is “In-Network” Preferred Provider*:

  • Aetna*
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield*
  • First Choice Health Network*
  • Kaiser Permanente* – All HMO, PPO Plans and KP MedicareAdvantage Plans
  • Group Health HMO Plans* all require a referral from a Group Health Physician.
  • LifeWise*
  • Premera Blue Cross*
  • Regence Blue Shield*
  • Uniform Medical*
  • United Healthcare – you must meet annual deductible first then 10 visits are covered.

If your plan is not listed here, please call Beverly at 206-920-7676 to check on your benefits. Beve also offers discounted cash rates for those with Medicare, patients without insurance coverage or patients preferring not to use their insurance for nutrition visits.

Medicare and MedicareAdvantage Plans

Beve is not “enrolled” in Medicare. Medicare clients, however, are allowed to see Beve as a Registered Dietitian and offered a discounted cash rate per private contract with Beverly Kindblade, MS, RDN, CD. At time of service and payment, patients receive a detailed sales receipt. Please be aware that Medicare only covers nutrition visits for diabetes, kidney and liver issues. If you do not have these issues, Medicare and Medicare supplemental plans will not cover your nutrition visits.

Kaiser Permanente and The Polyclinic MedicareAdvantage Plans, however, will cover your nutrition visits with Beve with a referral from your Primary Care Physician assigned to you by the plan. You may or may not have a co-pay with your MedicareAdvantage Plan. If you have another MedicareAdvantage Plan, check to see if your visits will be covered.


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